Craft Gorgeous Email
Campaigns Effortlessly

We deliver your brand's message to the masses.

Build targeted campaigns and we'll help you create, send, track and measure.


Simply click to edit headlines and content, new articles and images, social sharing or anything else your email campaigns contain. In one word: Easy.


Easily send out targeted emails to custom segments of subscribers with a few clicks of your mouse. RSS to email, A/B testing, auto responders, and dynamic data - to name a few.


Tracking each campaign's effectiveness with easy to use reports. Analytics on opens / clicks, bounces, social media sharing, email clients and more.

About EchoShot

Professional grade email marketing, made easy.

One of the most powerful tools any business can deploy along side its website is email marketing. It greatly improves brand awareness, drives traffic to your site and excels in Return on Investment (ROI). Email marketing is measurable in ways direct mail never could be, all while costing around 100 times LESS.

EchoShot makes use of custom designed email templates that are branded and structured specifically to meet your business’s unique needs.

Digital Awesomesauce.

Your Brand, Not Ours

There are zero design restrictions, and we don't force any "powered" by logos into your email campaigns like the other guys. Your marketing is about you, not us.

Custom Everything

Templates try to be all things to all people. EchoShot makes use of customized email designs that cater specifically to your business goals and needs.

Easy to Use

Your templates can do the work for you by setting up customized RSS feeds or dynamic fields that populate information automatically into your email campaigns.


Easy & powerful. All of the tools you need - and then some.

EchoShot packs tons of amazing features that are both intuitive to use and easy to understand.

It simplifies the process for you, so you can efficiently create and track campaigns.

Killer Features
Your Brand Stars

Users will see only your logo and content, not who it was delivered by.

Free CDN

Built-in content delivery network for super fast image loads.

Mobile Ready

Deliver mobile ready email campaigns to subscribers with ease.

Custom Designs

No templates. Tailored designs that meet your brand's needs.

API Integrations

Customize your own connections to your data.

Social Sharing

Amplify your campaigns with social media sharing.

A/B Testing

You test, we present the winner you should send your subscribers.

One-Click Content

Seamlessly insert any RSS feed content with a single click.

Auto Responders

Auto scheduled, pre-defined messages to your send list.

List Segments

Easily send to targeted groups based upon your specifications.

Amazing Analytics

Deep and insightful reporting that's easy to follow and understand.

Real-time Opens

Geek out and watch users devour your content in real time.


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